My Story

Hey there! I’m Jules Starr, the one behind this individually run design studio. I'm a graphic and visual identity designer based near Kansas City. I started out the traditional route in the industry after graduating design school and quickly learned it wasn’t the right route for me, but not before gaining some valuable insight that began shaping my perspective.

Design is my passion and I love working with good companies and creative entrepreneurs that value quality design and believe the power the right branding can have to make their business shine like the jewel it is. A thoughtfully designed visual identity can authentically tell every facet of your brand’s unique story. That story, put in the right setting, is what connects you to your ideal audience and sets you apart.

My Focus

I have a heart for local businesses, but local doesn’t necessarily mean in my neck of the woods. There are gems everywhere that deserve to be seen, but often don't thrive because the design representing it doesn’t reflect who they truly are and what they have to offer. Consistency and quality through design reflects professionalism, which in turn builds trust. That quality should authentically reflect the quality of your business. This can be achieved through a custom brand identity, which includes everything from logo, typography, color, pattern and texture, collateral and web design along with social media.

My Philosophy

I strive to provide more than I promise. To insist on quality from myself and the people I work with, while at the same time being real rather than perfect. To be as transparent as possible. To pursue continued growth in design and sharpen my skill-set as I go. To educate others about design and its benefits. I believe in experimenting. Taking risks and breaking rules when needed. In celebrating simplicity. Loving what I do and remembering to take time to rest and pursue other interests to avoid burn-out.

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