American Hearing + Audiology is local hearing aid clinic that started in the Kansas City metro area and has been expanding within the heartland with locations now in Nebraska. Their goal is to provide the best hearing care customized to each individual and their needs.

TArget Audience

Although theclinics treat adults of all ages and even children of certain ages, the primary target audience is adults between the ages of 45 to 65. They are active and don't want their hearing loss to slow them down.


Logos & Marks

American Hearing + Audiology’s goal is to help transform the lives of those with hearing loss by providing quality customized hearing devices as well as on-going service and adjustments along the way to keep them hearing the best possible even as their needs change. The previous logo for the business utilized a lettermark, which didn’t communicate properly to their audience so they wanted a logo that would help emphasized more specifically what they do. They wanted to highlight the “Hearing” part of their name and during exploration and sketching the solution revealed itself and became a perfect way to speak even further to their goal.

The primary logo uses bold and light weight type to pull out the phrase “I Can Hear” that was hiding within the name American Hearing. A leading line further showcases this and helps to settle it all together while as bringing in some audiological imagery. Although ”audiology” is an important part of the name it was de-emphasized a bit for the target audience, but still present for working with others within the medical field.

A secondary circular logo was created to be used where space is limited or over custom patterns. Within the secondary logo is a stylized sound wave that can be used as a graphic mark for collateral adding a little fun to the overall friendly feel and  recognizability  of the brand.



The business is always working to keep all its technology up-to-date. So a clean san-serif typeface was appropriate to keep things looking modern and professional. Keeping it simple with a regular and bold weight worked well for this purpose. An accent script font with a substantial thickness add a little fun and friendliness when needed.

Color Palette

It seemed fitting for a company with “American” in the name so we decided to keep the red and blue for the primary color palette. These colors reflect trust and the passion of the friendly staff and overall atmosphere of the company. A secondary extended palette was added with a medium and light gray to give a neutral, soothing ground to the bold primary palette and a sky blue accent color creates extra energy and vibrance while allowing the main palette to shine.



With graphic elements and patterns the brand comes together with added depth and recognition to the brand. The addition of these element brings the whole brand together cohesively. The custom pattern adds personality and texture as a background or on its own.

The brand's visual identity, overall, reflects a the friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere of the clinic experience as well as the professional and knowledgeable staff behind the business.


Below are just a few of the collateral pieces for American Hearing + Audiology and an example for social media.