How to Choose the Right Color & Type Palette for Your Brand

These days visuals are a huge factor in buying decisions. The visuals of your business go beyond just a logo. It's the whole package. How you communicate to your ideal customer is number one if you want your business to succeed.

The colors and fonts that you use for your business should enhance and reflect your core values and the underlying personality of your brand. By this point in the process you should have these things defined.

How to Best Utilize Pinterest

More recently, my research has shown me that there are now more ways to use Pinterest then there were in the beginning. As a designer and an entrepreneur I was eager to learn how I could best utilize the platform. Apparently, Pinterest now has the reputation as the number three social media network (Yes, that’s right. Social network) just below Facebook and Twitter. It can be used in similar ways to both of them such as some use of hash tagging, mentions and commenting. In many ways it's a better tool for business than either.

Don't Cheat the World of Your Contribution

If you hold back what you have to offer out of selfishness or fear you cheat not only yourself, but the world. It can be difficult when you believe you have nothing significant to offer, but you don't always realize or may never know the impact you will have or the people whose lives will be changed and how important that might be. Don't just consume. Do things, make things! It doesn't matter if it's perfect. Besides, perfect is all a matter of opinion and perspective. You won't find your passion if you never try anything and never push past the resistance that we all find in learning and practicing.

Hello! Allow me to Introduce Myself

I’m so glad you found my blog. I want to introduce myself. I’m Julie Pippin, but many of my friends have called me Jules for many years now. I decided use that name for my freelance business along with my middle name, Starr. So that's where Jules Starr Design came from. I'm a graphic designer and my focus is visual identity design for small business and creative entrepreneur brands. I am also a hand lettering artist and I use these skills in my designs where it fits.