The Style Rolodex Identity


A few months back I began work on the visual identity for a new business call The Style Rolodex. It’s been so fun to bring this one to life and I’m really excited to finally be able to show the results! So here we go.


Brooke Rose came to me with an awesome new business concept she was calling The Style Rolodex. Her desire to help women create style confidence and make shopping an exciting and painless experience led her to the idea of creating this go-to source for the best of the best places to shop. When learning about her vision for the business Brooke told me,

“As women we are always asking each other for advice and often times we miss out on some really great places without word of mouth.”

That’s essentially what The Style Rolodex would be. A platform for a curated collection of the best of the best boutiques and specialty brands all over. Brooke’s experience, expertise and credentials, as a certified personal stylist, would set the standard.

The Style Rolodex was something she had already begun to build, but the next step was to pull her thoughts together with visuals that would represent her business and establish the brand within the fashion field so that's what we set out to do.


Brand Style Inspiration

Brand Style Inspiration


LOGOS, Marks & Variations

The Style Rolodex brand's sophisticated and feminine style projects the confidence, effortlessness and credibility of the brand. It appeals to women between the ages of 25-34. The career gal who is still social and on-the-go. She loves fashion, trying the latest trends, and the whole experience of shopping. She is always looking to discover the new places and the next best thing.

Primary logo

The primary logo features a curling “S” that brings in a sense of fashion in its unique personality and flow, while the “R” adds a bit of sophistication, timelessness, and classic style with its sleek curved and extended leg. Even though these days a Rolodex as a physical object may seem a little antiquated, the idea behind it still remains so it made since to add a hint of the classic style, round, desktop Rolodex. It comes into play in the mark referencing the information cards that cascade around the top of the “R”. The surrounding rings serve as not only another echo of the round Rolodex, but also to contain, stabilize and marry the forms as one.

Logos & Mark

Logos & Mark


A secondary version of the logo allows for versatility on platforms that may call for a more horizontal format. The mark is pulled from the main logo and can be used to add an accent of the brand in promotions where the main logos are not in use. A set of variations in color of the primary logo allow for even more flexibility when in conjunction with the boutiques and specialty brands it promotes.

Logo Variations

Logo Variations

Patterns & Textures

Custom patterns and textures bring added recognition to The Style Rolodex and convey the essence of the brand even further with their added personality and depth. They can be used alone or with the logo for promotion of the brand itself or along with another brand that's being featured.



To show how the pieces could be applied, I provided Brooke with some examples during the initial presentation that showed the brand in context as the business grows. The logo and tagline sit nicely over a textured color overlaid photo.



The main focus for The Style Rolodex is online, so along with the included social media profile designs that are part of the visual identity package, Brooke chose to do an email newsletter header and footer with a custom signature as one of the collateral pieces. She also went with a business card design for when she visits locations or meets potential clients in person. The square format was the perfect choice with the round primary logo.






It was amazing to work with Brooke and bring her ideas to life in the visual brand identity. I can’t wait to see this brand grow and expand its reach.

I am so in love with the final product! You are amazing and were such a joy to work with. I seriously can’t thank you enough! From the very beginning you understood our mission and captured exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!!
— Brooke Rose