Concoctions is the vision of founder Kai Gideon. His world travels and love of coffee sparked an interest in how cultures around the globe concoct their traditional cup of coffee. This led him to create a cold brew, bottled version of some of these traditions so that others could experience a taste of those cultures in a none traditional way.

Project Solution

The rich cultures represented and the founder's vibrant back story called for exactly that, a rich and vibrant design.  This was achieved by using patterns inspired by the countries of origin and a color palette that pops. Still the distinct and customized logo, without directly representing culture, lends itself to future growth.


Logo & Submark

The Concoctions logo has a playful personality and its unexpected flask element gives reference to the chemistry of coffee and these concoctions. The flask serves as a submark that is easily identifiable on its own. What results are two distinct marks that stand out regardless of their vibrant color.


Typography, Color Palette & Patterns.

For a brand with a lot of personality you need a design that can match that. With a bold color palette and patterns, the type needed to hold its own, work well together whiel further enhancing that personality. The colors speak chemistry and culture and the patterns help to easily identify not only the brand, but each distinct concoction.


Website & Kiosk

Being that the majority of the product line is sold online, the website was of great importance as well as an in store kiosk. The biggest selling point is the origin of each brew so this was a big focus beside the products page itself.



An accompanying publication was created to tell the story behind the company and highlight the traditional recipes of each original brew in the line. It also serves as a promotional introduction to the company and its current products.