The Future Kings are an indie pop-rock band based in the the Kansas City area. These days bands work much the same as traditional small businesses. They have always had visual representation, marketing, public relations and more, but today all of this largely falls on the shoulders of the bands rather than in the past when a record label might have picked them up.

Project Solution

Since the album was going to be on vinyl the cover would be a substantial size and the band wanted something that people might want to display as art. Vinyl has become a popular medium again usually with digital downloads included.



Bands don’t always have a traditional logos so the way their name is displayed can sometimes change especially in the beginning. Wanting the name to stand out, but still integrate into the cover, which is meant to draw attention anyway, the band name was set in two colors with manipulated type to marry the words. The name is bright enough to stand out, but soft enough to blend with all that’s going on with the cover.


Water and the far reaches are a large theme in the songs on the album so a deep sea scene seemed a great solutions. This was achieved with watercolor, a diving helmet and submarine illustrations. There are also hidden features hinting at other themes within the album.



The project not only included digital downloads with a band sticker to go along with the vinyl album, but t-shirt designs as well pulling from the album cover.