Green Lady Lounge


Green Lady Lounge is a jazz & cocktail lounge. With it's sophisticated, but eclectic interior vibe patrons get a sense that they want to dress up to come here even though it isn't required to get in.

Project Solution

Learning that the name comes from the green lady of Orion character from the original Star Trek series. Incorporating this idea into the design while still reflecting that element of sophistication that was already a part of the lounge's reputation was the goal.

Green Lady Logo


To reflect the style of the Jazz Age the logo started with the hand-lettered Green Lady and pairing it with a thin font. To complete the logo a deep cast shadow was also incorporated to add drama to the stage.

Color Palette

While the interior of the lounge is set with low mood lighting with a mostly red decor with gold accents, the color palette of yellow-green and green-blue was chosen to contrast. The menu starts with a light background to lend to easier reading in the low lit atmosphere.



The pairing of the thin lined, but spacious san serif font with the elegance of a classic serif add both more sophistication and drama to the reputation of the lounge.

Pattern & Texture

A constellation map was added as a background element for additional texture. The map focuses on Orion further pulling together the theme behind the name.

Green Lady Menu and Icons

Brand Icons & Illustration

Instead of becoming too literal with the story behind the name, the menu cover dawns a water-color illustration of a jazz singer's dress in a green that ties in with the color palette and bringing the concept back to earth. The custom, hand-painted, illustrated icons marry well with the cover illustration and add a bit of fun and interest to the menu as well as drawing the customer's eye to the sections.