Seafarer Brewing Company bottles


Seafarer is a small, coastal brewing company with a nautically themed brew line. With their traditional style of brewing, they wanted wanted to have an old-world feel, but still give the impression that they don't take themselves too seriously.

Project Solution

Through starting with a bottle style unique to the industry this gave a base to the old-world look. I was able to pair this with elements and language that could both reflect this style and bring a sense of the companies delightful personality.



The custom logotype brings in the sea with its wave and splash mark texture. It's hand done style gives it an element of hand painted signs and ship names as well as a little whimsy.

Color Palette

Starting with a base color reminiscent of a weathered wooden ship and also matched the bottle color then each brew needed a unique, but cohesive color scheme. Each label is distinct in its accent, but still works well with its collection by bringing in colors from its mates.


Typography & Labels

While the type pairings are unusual they work well together to keep the brand fun as well as referencing old-world ship travel. The labels not only does the shape also speak to the era behind the concept, but the extended label size allows room for delightful descriptions of the brew and useful benefits of beer drinking.