The Wok Cafe is a small local restaurant that started out serving the classic Americanized Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. They wanted to start heading in a different direction by highlighting the traditional with fresh and hand-made ingredients while adding a modern twist of experimentation.

Project Solution

Keeping in mind the traditional aesthetics of these countries, I took those cues and integrated them to bring in balance and a fresh look that points to tradition and quality. The new look gives the restaurant the uniqueness to make it stand out from the local competition and serves as a reminder that they are different from the average.


Primary Logo

The main logo features custom hand drawn lettering that adds a touch of Asian feel and dynamic personality without becoming cliche. These elements are set over and integrated with a bowl shape and stylized fire element that references the wok over an open flame. The logo includes the restaurant’s tagline which serves as a base for the logo.

Secondary Logos

A secondary logo/submark was created pulling the W from the main logo and set within a circular form with handle elements that references back to the classic wok shape. There are two forms of an alternate simplified logo to use for different formats and repeating patterns where needed.


Color Palette & Custom Patterns

The primary color palette consists of orange and a dark blue inspired by colors commonly found in China and Vietnam for traditional clothing and artwork. The colors are bold, but modern and slightly muted to avoid being too overpowering. These are supported by an antique white primarily used as a base or background. It adds a reference to ancient culture and provides an anchor to the overall color palette. A secondary turquoise color was chosen from inspiration to use as an accent color and versatility where needed. The custom patterns create texture and fun while subtly communicating food and cultivation. They add yet another facet of the modern feel the restaurant was going for.



The menu is the main touch point for customers so it needed to be organized and easy to read. The graphic elements play up the overall feel of the restaurant's bold identity. These graphic elements along with the custom patterns also provided a great way to carry the brand's essence to business cards, mailers and other collateral.