Happy Hen is the home base of several growing and future businesses run by Stephanie Novacek. Stephanie is a physical therapist and entrepreneur with a vision and passion for helping people live a more holistic life.

Project Solution

The Happy Hen identity is rustic yet light-hearted, which appeals to both the children and mothers that Stephanie serves as part of her physical therapy practice and the wilderness camps for kids. It also has the capacity to encompass the future growth of business as part of the homestead.



The Happy Hen name is inspired by the many hens that make their home on the property in a near free-range setting. The logo depicts a leaping hen surrounded by vintage inspired type. Keeping in mind that the first application would be on an existing, egg shaped sign board the circular design worked best. It also lends itself to stamps and seals as well as being a one color design, which would help in giving it the capacity to become a type of umbrella brand which adapts to the brand of business. A horizontal submark was added for versatility for other applications.


Color Palette

The main color palette of green and brown is nature inspired, which is the main focus of the brand. An extended color palette was added for versatility in integrating some of the future business brand growth. The colors come from the many color varieties that the different kinds of hens lay.


The custom patterns add even more fun and playfulness by pulling in the extended color palette and add extra life to the brand. They bring in more elements of the love for the homesteads many hens.



With the possibility of a future vintage store echoing the name on the property it was fitting to think about further application of the brand in that capacity.