So where do we start?

Before we work together its important to make sure we are a good fit for each other. I'd love to work with you if my process is something that speaks to you.



To break it down a little



This first phase is so I can get to know your business, where it is now and your vision of where you see it going. With a thorough questionnaire we can go over your brand's story and other specific details to get the project headed in the right direction.

From here I review all of the information gathered and begin to research using what I've learned about your business and your target market to form a strategy and visual direction. This helps as a guide to construct an effective solution that tells your unique story and is able to grow with your business goals.



After the initial research and a stylistic direction in mind, I can begin to generate and sketch ideas that reflect your brand and the qualities that make it special. The first phase is so important. It helps ensure the design is lead by an objective solution that tells your brand’s story and captures the attention of your ideal audience and not by subjective opinions, trends or yours or even my personal preference. My job is not complete until I've explored different directions and narrow it down to one design solution that authentically represents you instead of multiple diluted options.

From there we can work through up to two rounds of refinement, if needed, to fine tune and finalize the solution. Once that is achieved everything will begin to coming together to reveal the full picture of your brand’s story and all that supports it.



This is where you will see your new brand in action. Here the solution becomes tangible with your new logo and color palette along with any custom patterns, texture, graphics, icons and other alternate logos & submarks as fits the project. Your new brand can now be applied to 3 pieces of collateral of your choosing as supplement to your brand. Two rounds of refinement are also included in this phase, as needed.

Once everything is finalized you’ll receive everything needed to successfully launch and reveal your brand to your audience. This will include a brand guide that includes all the pieces that make up your brand's visual identity and files for moving forward.



Each project is different so let's chat and see what we can do?