Visual Identity Design Package
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What's included?


Custom Logo & All the Supporting parts

A hand-crafted logo design and all that supports to make up your brand’s complete visual identity. This includes a custom color palette, typography, and any patterns, textures, lettering, and illustration that fits the project.


2 Marketing Collateral Pieces
& Social Media Profiles

All these pieces and parts that make up your fresh brand can then be translated and used to build tangibles that keep your brand consistent and fit the work flow of your business. Matching or coordinating profile and header images are included to keep your brand consistent across all the social platforms you use.


Brand Guideline

A manual, of sorts, for you, your assistant or even a web designer.
This handy tool will help you maintain your brand’s visual identity
as you grow.




Pricing & Timeline

Investment starts at $1200 with an 8 to 10 week turnaround expected, depending on the scope of the project.

Continued Brand Support

After the initial project wraps up, I can also offer continued support of your brand as your business grows.