The Style Rolodex is the go-to source for finding the best collection of boutiques & specialty brands around the country and the world. If you’re looking for great recommendations from a reliable source where ever you are you’ll find it here.

Target Audience

Mainly women between the ages of 25-34. The career gal who is still social and on-the-go. She loves fashion, trying the latest trends, and the whole experience of shopping. She is always looking to discover the new places and the next best thing.

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Primary & Secondary Logos

These days a Rolodex as a physical object may seem a little antiquated, but the idea behind it still remains as a way to store and reference important names or businesses and all the information associated with it. The Style Rolodex takes it’s name from this because it's an online platform that does exactly that for great places to shop. It will be the place to find the best boutiques and specialty brands for woman searching for a credible source on where to shop next wherever they might be.

The Style Rolodex logo pulls in the concept of the Rolodex, but with a sophisticated and feminine style. The curl of the “S” brings of fashion in its unique personality and flow while the “R” adds a bit of sophistication, timelessness, and style with its sleek curved and extended leg. A hint of the classic, round, desktop Rolodex comes into play in the mark referencing the information cards that cascade around the top of the “R”. The surrounding rings serve as not only another echo of the round Rolodex as well as a container to stabilize and marry the forms as one.



Because The Style Rolodex’s main objective is to promote other brands, the typography for the most part is clean and light. An accent script font is incorporated to provide an element of bold surprise and extra personality when needed to play up the brand itself.


In terms of color, I chose a navy and ice blue combination as a base. Navy brings the feeling of sophistication and reliability while the ice blue adds a modern freshness to the mix. These pair well with the feminine blush and pink ivory colors that bring a bit of softness and representation of the feminine audience. A range of soft grays is included to give the brand ground and keep other bolder colors from overpowering where a more subtle reference to the brand is needed.


Through application with patterns, texture and photography, the pieces and parts of the brand begin to come together. These are only mock ups to help you imagine the brand in context and envision how the color, type and logo, working together with other elements, make the brand cohesive.

Photographs can live next to a solid pink ivory or ice blue background or use these colors as an overlay to keep it light and airy. The navy can be used sparingly as on overlay to highlight the logo and give it that extra pop where needed. The patterns and textures can also be used sparingly to add a little fun and texture throughout the brand. All of these things give the brand a cohesive feel that will stand on its own yet still allow the brand to be played down in order to highlight the other brands that The Style Rolodex promotes.


Here's what Brooke has to say about the result!

I am so in love with the final product! You are amazing and were such a joy to work with. I seriously can’t thank you enough! From the very beginning you understood our mission and captured exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!!
— Brooke Rose